headshot (2)Hi! I’m Kristina Kelly and I created a portfolio career after realizing that some paths must be followed and some paths must be paved. Combining my experience in nonprofit with my knowledge in social media has directed my career in a way that is both gratifying and giving.

I focus on giving flexible social media management to nonprofits, social innovators, and community-focused businesses. Services include thoughtful platform strategy, content creation, monitoring, customer care, and more! With a “can do” attitude, I hope to take more big dreamers to the top.

Industry experience includes: hotel/travel brands, real estate, clothing brands, local & international nonprofits, and authors.

Work Samples

MiracleFeet 2016 Annual Report and 2017 Annual Report (project management, creative direction, and copy)

Perky Lady Campaign – Business was being flagged weekly for inappropriate content (due to the nature of being a lingerie shop). My objective was to build an image library and create content with a lifestyle focus that could be boosted without difficulty. Example A, B, C, and D (photos and copy).

Heal House Call Social Posts – Example A, B, C, and D (photos and copy)

Triangle Dog Magazine Article (page 22)

Social Media Today Articles

International Women’s Day Post

NOTE: Little Engine Social Media is founded by an enthusiastic animal advocate and will not accept any opportunities that negatively impact animal welfare. 


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