What Your Favorite Social Media Platform Really Says About You

One of my favorite interview questions was from Ignite Social Media. They asked me what was my favorite social media platform and why. It was a great question, because it tells a lot about a person. If I had said Myspace, I wouldn’t have gotten the Community Management gig. Three years ago, my answer was Twitter. I liked to stay on top of NHL news and talk shit with fellow hockey fans. Huh, not sure what my answer would be today.

Here’s what your favorite channel may say about you…


You like to talk. Like you really, really like to talk. Twitter is the one social media platform that allows you post like a mad (wo)man and get away with it, thanks to the short lifespan of tweets. You probably also love your sports updates, pop culture news, and brand updates.


You’re a people person. You like keeping up with family and friends while sharing your own life updates with the occasional rant. Change makes you itchy and Facebook is your old reliable pal.


If Insta is your favorite social hangout, then you are probably a visual, creative person. You like to be thoughtful and intentional with the content you produce. You dig being inspired by like-minded people.


Ah, the platform of professionals. You’re classic with a touch of old school. You like staying on top of industry news and scoping out that next lead or networking opportunity. Heck, you may not even use the other social media platforms. LinkedIn is enough for you.


You’re a spontaneous, confident busy bee. You share personal experiences with a carefree attitude. You may also be a little cray (in the most loving way) and appreciate that your pics will never come back to haunt you…maybe.


Organization is the name of your game. You just love your boards and boards of pins (most of which you will never try). Your desk, closet, and kitchen are all pinspired. You’re a fun, go-getter with a passion for trying new things.

Did I get you right? What is your favorite social media platform?


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