The Problem with Wishing

Have you ever been wish slapped?

When I worked in nonprofit, people would say, “I wish I had a job helping people.”

When I worked for a marketing agency, people would say, “I wish I worked in a cool office.”

When I started working from home, people would say, “I wish I could do that!” (pre-pandemic days)

Now that I have my own business, people say, “I wish I could be my own boss.”

That’s wish slapping. It stings a bit, because it makes it sound like you got lucky. For me, it felt like people assumed I won some sort of job lottery – not that I worked my a$$ off, often working two jobs, to gain the experience I needed. While I appreciate those comments meant as small talk or kudos, I knew the hearts of those who spoke those words with real truth. Many, many people do not like their current career situation. They wear those wish statements like a straitjacket. So, I decided that I want to turn those wish slaps into something less painful for all.

My friend (and frequent mentor) Pete Smith, told me the best way to hold yourself accountable is to broadcast your goal. With so many folks dealing with unexpected career tests and trials lately, I feel it is the perfect time to announce that I’m writing a book. Correction: I’m finishing a book by November 26, 2020. Insert sweaty pits. It is a self-help book titled, “Wishes are for Wussies: Finding Success without Luck, Chance or Circumstance.” I want to help people who are unhappy, stuck or lost in their career journey to write that next chapter of their story, so that they find fulfillment and success on their terms.

It will be a collection tips and interviews with badasses who ditched the wish for a new reality (specifically those working for themselves). Thanks to a writing contest I won, I already have an outline with a stamp of approval from a book editor. I just have to get to writing! You can help – I’m looking to hear more stories of those who struggled with something in the life (addiction, money, home life, career, grief, etc…) and managed to pull themselves out of a state of wanting into a state of doing. Reach out if you or someone you know would be willing to share their journey. Thanks for joining me on the journey!


How to Use Twibbon to Promote Your Novel

I shouldn’t be sharing this tip. I should stuff it deep in my pocket and use it for the day I’m finally published (yes, I’m staying optimistic). However, the social media manager in me is dying to share this helpful tidbit. So, all you genius, over-achieving bastard authors (I’m not jealous) can enjoy it now and hopefully it will still be cool when I try it.

What is Twibbon?

According to Twibbon it “is the best free tool on the web to increase exposure, likes and support.” Interested? Thought so.

A Twibbon Campaign supports a cause, brand or organization on Facebook and Twitter in a variety of ways. My two favorite features are the ability to add an overlay to your supporters’ Facebook or Twitter profile pics AND they can publish a message of support on their Facebook or Twitter accounts.

When should authors use Twibbon?

Your book release is the perfect reason to use this microsite. Leading up to the release, your friends, family, and fans can change their profile images to show your brand and share messages of your upcoming release. Unlike a tweet or post, the content won’t wither and die in a couple hours. Every time they publish content their profile photo shows your messaging. Score!

How would it look?

Let’s use examples from two one of my favorite book series. George R.R. Martin gathers people in droves when his books come out, so he could use Twibbon as a way to show House pride*. Oh, could you imagine the conversation that would organically happen when you find out your coworker is House Greyjoy (gag!). Here’s a mockup of A Dance with Dragons release on my Facebook profile pic with my House of choice. Dragons rule.


Now for my girl crush, Gena Showalter and her Lords of the Underworld series. She is also a bestselling author that is adored by many, but Twibbon would help fans like me show my support and excitement for the weeks leading up to her LOTU next release, which is The Darkest Torment on May 31, 2016! A tattooed butterfly is her series brand. It looks way better on a supernatural hero, but you get the idea.


I’m actually using Twibbon now for the Muscular Dystrophy Association Shamrock Campaign. Not only was I a former MDA employee, but I wholeheartedly believe in their efforts to cure muscular diseases, like Duchenne MD. This is a Facebook post I was able to share from their Twibbon campaign.

mda post

Why it works!

Awareness and impressions. Throw a hashtag in your overlay and in your social media content and you’re likely to see a spike in followers and mentions. It gives your followers an opportunity to be brand ambassadors for your upcoming book release.

So, please try to give me sympathy and support when I can finally use Twibbon after I publish a book and you have a naked profile pic. Well, not naked…I think that is frowned upon in social. I mean a bare, a bare profile pic.

*To make this work you would have to set a campaign for each House.